Abused children, picked up by law enforcement and Child Protective Services, very quickly end up in licensed foster facilities or with relatives. At any given time during the year, we have 160 to 280 children in Medina County who are in state custody. Because of the lack of foster facilities in our area, those children who aren’t placed with relatives are sent to San Antonio or other locations outside of Medina County. The loss of their friends, school, family, community – everything familiar to them - is very damaging to a child who is already physically or mentally damaged. HANK wants to keep these children in their area.


    HANK's goal is to open eight (8) group homes in Medina County --- two in Hondo, two in Devine, two in Castroville, and two in locations to be determined. Each home will house 6 children with full-time Christian parents. This will enable the children to remain in their familiar areas, attend their same schools, and stay close to non-offending family members and friends. Each home will cost approximately $150,000.


    The first HANK home was opened in Devine on April 28, 2016. The second HANK home was opened in Hondo on June 30, 2017