• Annual Update

    Dear Friends and Supporters,

    September 1, 2018


    Dear Friends and Supporters,


    Thanks to all of you, 2018 has been a good and fruitful year for HANK and the abused children in this area. Once again, we have been able to meet every request of Child Protective Services and Bluebonnet Children Center … and because of you, this has been the case for the past eight years.


    During 2018 we continued to stay busy with the daily activities of buying all kinds of items needed by families and the children removed by CPS and law enforcement … lots of beds and clothes, diapers, car seats, strollers, food, medical needs, etc.


    We also had our annual Christmas party for approximately 300 children at New Fountain United Methodist Church in Quihi, complete with Santa, lots of goodies, special quilts and pillow cases made by a group of local ladies, and many extra donated toys and stuffed animals. It was a great success!

    In August we did our annual “Back to School” shopping for all the kids.


    Our normal budget for supplying needs during the year plus the Christmas shopping and school shopping runs about $60,000 per year, and thanks to you we have always had sufficient.


    Our plan to provide foster homes in Medina County is working as we opened our first one in Devine in April 2016 and our second one in Hondo in July 2017. Each home, when complete, furnished, with a 7 passenger Van, playground equipment, food and utilities, yard, fence, etc., runs $150,000 +. These items are completely paid for, fully staffed and occupied by six children. Hopefully, we can provide the next one, designed to be in Castroville, but need the funding to accomplish this.


    As always, about 97% of all money donated goes directly to the children. All who are involved with HANK are non-compensated volunteers. Our office is at home with no cost, Debbie does the bookkeeping at no cost, our legal is done at no cost …. so, office supplies, stamps, auto mileage, etc. are about the only expenses charged to HANK.


    Please continue to help these unfortunate children by your support of HANK. They need it and we really appreciate it. Also, please pray for these kids and for all of us involved in HANK.

    John Southwell